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Presentations focus on respite care, but cross over multiple disciplines, reflecting the wide range of options required and utilized by caregivers across the lifespan. Each session targets one of five topical tracks or the Lifespan Respite Track described below, and creatively and thoughtfully Reimagines Respite

Dream: Innovative Service Delivery throughout the Lifespan

This track features successful models, innovations, and exemplary approaches to providing respite care for all ages. Services described may include voucher programs and consumer-directed respite; planned and crisis respite; volunteer and faith-based respite; or other respite solutions. Integrated and informal respite options in the community and respite services adapted because of COVID will be explored. Presentations may highlight best practices in respite care for young caregivers; military families and Veterans;  culturally diverse groups and other underserved populations, including families at risk of abuse or  neglect.  Presentations on newly imagined and non-traditional approaches to respite will also be featured.

Discover: Advances in Research and Evaluation

As service providers and caregivers make a case for respite availability and funding, a solid evidence-base for respite is essential. Research provides understanding of the health and well-being of family caregivers and the overall effect of respite on societal outcomes, including cost-benefits. Good data collection is also important for continuous quality improvement in the respite we provide. This track is intended to present findings from evaluations of lifespan respite activities, respite models, alternative respite and support interventions, as well as strategies for engaging in meaningful performance measurement.

Create: Strengthening the Respite Provider Workforce

Inspire: Advocacy and Networking for Sustainability

The nationwide shortage of well-trained direct care workers and respite providers needs to be addressed immediately. The experienced respite network is uniquely positioned to reimagine and test solutions to the workforce crisis. Presentations will feature strategies to recruit respite providers and volunteers, build career ladders to strengthen the workforce, and develop new competency-based training curriculum and thoughtful approaches to retaining workers. Sessions focus on ways to boost caregiver confidence in respite, including training to improve the safety and quality of care, and strategies to increase the pool of reliable and qualified respite providers and options for families.

Increasingly, we have come to understand that our collective efforts to sustain the important work we do in caregiving and respite is inextricably linked to our changing economic, social and political environment. Policies, politics, the media, and changing community demographics all influence how well we reach and serve families. We must be advocates and collaborators as well as service providers. These sessions are intended to explore new public awareness campaigns, financing strategies for sustainability, unique partnerships, successful coalitions, legislative advocacy, emerging polices that impact caregivers and respite, and other imaginative contexts for providing, promoting and sustaining respite.

Explore:  Family Caregiver Perspectives

Achieve: Lifespan Respite Track

This track is geared to family caregivers and those who work with family caregivers who want to learn more about successful caregiving strategies, meaningful respite, resources that support caregivers, and impactful stories related to the benefits of respite and caregiver wellness programs. This track also seeks sessions in which family caregivers share what they imagine their dream respite might be.

In this track, Lifespan Respite grantees and their partners will describe best practices, program successes, and challenges experienced in their Lifespan Respite grant implementation or coalition activities. Topics in this track  include:

    • Innovative service delivery
    • Effects of changes to respite or grant activities as a result of the pandemic;
    • Collaborative partnerships (e.g., with No Wrong Door Systems and Aging and Disability Resource Centers, employers, medical community or managed care organizations);
    • Respite registries
    • New ways to engage volunteers or the faith community
    • Respite provider training and recruitment
    • Public awareness and messaging
    • Defining a coordinated Lifespan Respite system for improved respite access
    • Sustainability plans
    • Fact-finding and data management

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We are a national, membership-based organization that assists and promotes the development of quality respite and crisis care programs; helps families locate respite and crisis care services in their communities; and serves as a strong voice for respite in all forums.

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